We believe in the next life...
forever furniture!

After our sustainable products complete their life cycle, we recycle them again.
Built for Forever!

Elevate your space ♻️

Our passion and mission is to recycle millions of pounds of plastic waste and other recyclable materials and reuse them back into incredibly crafted high quality purposeful furniture, furnishings, flooring, fabrics, fencing, floral & fixtures!

Just as importantly, our hope is to raise awareness around recycling, sustainability, and circular economies by creating furniture and furnishings that help inspire eco conversations!

  • Total LB's of Plastic & Aluminum we have recycled

  • 410MM+ LBS

    Plastic Film, Bags, and Wraps We have Recycled

  • 290MM+ LBS

    Plastic Water & Soda Bottles We have Recycled

  • 180MM+ LBS

    Plastic Detergent & Milk Jugs We Have Recycled

  • 120MM+ LBS

    Aluminum We Have Recycled

Our Circular Economy Process

Sustainable Products

We offer a wide range of sustainable products, including indoor and outdoor furniture, furnishings, flooring, fabrics, fencing, fixtures, floral, storage units, recycling and trash bins, and more. All are made from recycled materials and are designed to meet the highest levels of green initiatives and standards.

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Key markets

We provide a wide array of sustainable products and solutions, each customizable for businesses, communities, schools, parks, golf clubs, events, retail stores, and more. From custom made sustainable furniture to circular economy zero waste solutions, APEX products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

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meet our materials

We work with these materials:

Recycled Sustainable Plastic Wood, Recycled Sustainable Plastic Sheet, Recycled Sustainable Fabrics and Stuffings, Recycled Sustainable Steel Hardware and Components 

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